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“Jorge has a deep understanding of Cuban music and incredible technical playing skills. But importantly, he is also a patient, enthusiastic and sympathetic teacher. Every lesson, he moves you forwards and builds your confidence. Oh and the lessons are fun too!”.

Richard Allam

“I have been taking congas classes with Jorge for just over two months now, and I am so happy I found him as an instructor! He is a real professional as a musician but also as a teacher and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn how to play congas”.

Philippe Oger

“I had the opportunity to see Jorge delivering a workshop for children and I was really impressed by the way he managed to involve both parents and children throughout the session. I also like a lot the variety of activities introduced in the class. Very enjoyable!”

Ana Caton (PDIP Movement Therapy, BSC Psychology)

“I spent one week [in Cuba] with a student band getting tuition in a convent in Havana by Sierra Maestra who are fantastic! I am very grateful for the tuition you have given me on the congas, it gave me the right base to be able to keep up in the band.”


“I just want to say many thanks for the lesson on Saturday, it was great and I really enjoyed it. The focus on technique was just what I was after.”

Winston Reece

“One of the best teachers I have ever had, passionate and inspirational about percussion music. Jorge is at the top of his profession, in my experience he is very patient with students. I highly recommend him as a percussion teacher.”

Shahrooz Aliabadi

“I have been learning the conga drum from Jorge for the last 18 months, and he is a wonderful teacher and man. He has an excellent method of teaching and his personality is warm and cheerful. If I could, I would train with Jorge everyday!”

Tony Sedgwick

“A very special time and experience in my life. I hope to see you again and play with you again”.

Tatsuhiko Akiyama (Tacchan)

“I'm now on stage regularly and this week in a recording studio! People [appreciate] that I have good technical ability (to which I am grateful to you for making sure I had a proper foundation right from the start), and they like my feel and the sound I produce - this is also something I took from you. By the way I always liked your sound and feel, your feel is sweet and dynamic and that's what I try to produce too).”

Assaf Soudry

“In having lessons with Jorge myself, I can testify that he is a very thorough but encouraging teacher. He places particular emphasis (as taught in Cuba) that the sounds follow the correct movements, not the other way around. As a result of learning this myself, I am now aware of how inadequate is much of the Latin American percussion teaching in the UK”.

“Jorge is a charming and gregarious individual. He is an excellent musician and teacher, and from the perspective of my own teaching and workshop experience I can say that he is ideally suited to music teaching the UK”.

Jan Steele BA, Mstat, (Freelance saxophone player and teacher, composer and bandleader. Alexander Technique teacher at Royal Academy of Music)