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Compositions and arrangements

The following are demo recordings in progress, featuring a mix of live musicians and synthesised instruments.

(Click the link to play the clip, or right-click the song title to download the mp3 file for later listening).

Cuban/Latin fusion

In Transit / Patagonia (with Daniel Santo & Alexis Bosch)
Untitled 1 (with Daniel Santo & Alexis Bosch)
Verdades (with Román Feliú)
No Past, No Future (with Román Feliú)


Siempre El Sur (with Norberto Vogel)
Tango Progreso (with Norberto Vogel)
Tango Nocturno (with Norberto Vogel)


Tentación Cubana - salsa music & dance spectacular with Jan y Su Son and 16 dancers at Nabs Bash.
Siempre El Sur - music with Norberto Vogel, filmed and edited by Daniel Santo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cosa Latina appearing on BBC Persia: