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I specialise in Afro–Cuban percussion, which involves instruments such as conga drums, bongos & various hand percussion instruments.

I spent five years studying in Havana, Cuba, at Centro de Superación Profesional de Música Ignacio Cervantes (the Ignacio Cervantes Professional Centre of Music), with some of the most celebrated names in Cuban percussion. I have performed with a number of groups in Toronto, Canada, and in numerous venues across Havana, Cuba. I am currently living in the UK where I perform regularly and offer educational workshops in schools and community settings.

As part of my educational work, I have been involved in the Music for Change ‘Music Performance in Education Mentoring Programme’ since 2005 which included specialist training on working with children, those with special needs and young offenders, and currently offer private tuition.

I specialise in workshops introducing beginners to the world of rhythm & percussion, where participants learn the art of building an Afro-Cuban rhythm around the basic clave pattern, which is the underlying fundamental structure of Cuban music. I teach children, young people and adults, at all levels of rhythmic ability. 

The sessions include elements of geography, history and images of Cuba. Also, I am fluent in both English & Spanish, and am able to introduce elements of the Spanish Language as a teaching aid.